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Behind the visual appeal of the merchandising design is a carefully constructed retail environment that takes into account every aspect of the retail experience. Through tracking the changing retail landscape and through ongoing research and communication with target consumers, Full Steam is the ultimate strategic partner to help you plan, develop and design all aspects of your merchandising strategy.


Once the materials and specifications for a merchandising concept have been identified, Full Steam can produce a pre-production sample such as a full or partial-scale working mockup or 3D pre-visualization to model the proposed display solution. It is also at this stage of the process that design elements may be determined and applied.


In situations that require evaluation of space allocation and store positioning, Full Steam may employ a planogram to help plan and visualize where and how products should be positioned in the retail environment. This detailed schematic will not only illustrate allocated space relative to the store layout, but will also highlight the shelf and the aisle in which an item is located.


Our capabilities include: concept research, prototyping, 3D visualization and planogram creation.

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