The difference between marketing and merchandising is evident. One is an extension of the other. When one markets an item it is being offered for sale; when one merchandises that product, it is spotlighted, promoted, and enhanced to eventuate the fruition of the initial goal of the marketing of that item.
Morris H. Kushner - Morris H. Kushner on Specialty Foods

Rise to the Top

Without a merchandising strategy, products on the store shelf are left to fend for themselves among a sea of competing products. With the help of a carefully formulated merchandising strategy, retail marketers can highlight the unique value and benefits of a featured brand to attain the status of a category leader.

Psyche of a Shopper

The shopper is a complex target, faced with too little time, too many choices, and too much information. An effective merchandising strategy will simplify the decision-making process, validate the shopper’s purchase criteria and get your products to the checkout stand.

Battle of the Brands

Product selection has become a science. In the case of produce, it’s based on source, ingredients, nutrition, price, expiration date, number of servings, visual appeal and perceived quality. Merchandising applies research and analysis to identify and highlight the key benefits and unique properties of the brand. The resulting solution will appeal to the highest percentage of the target audience and present compelling reasons to buy.

Shelf Appeal

Your brand must stake its claim on the store shelf. Once you are successful in stimulating interest in your brand, shoppers will incorporate it into their regular store circuit. When your territory is established, you must guard it from adjacent, competing brands through ongoing reinforcement with your point-of-purchase promotional message, brand and call to action.

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