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The Essence of the Bottle Brand

Consumer research indicates that when a bottle is picked up off the shelf there is an 80% chance that it will be purchased. However, before the consumer reaches for their wine selection, the on-bottle marketing, the label, must have successfully done its job.

The Label Sets the Scene

The wine label communicates the brand personality, characteristics of the wine, expected experience, pairing opportunities, and geographic origin. Purchases may be influenced by the perception of tradition, heritage, elegance, edginess, and evoked curiosity.

Hang Your Reputation on Your Wine Bottle

Wine bottle neck hangers provide a powerful way to differentiate the bottle on the shelf and extend your marketing message, promote other products, offer incentives and extend coupons. A wine bottle necker is ideal for a time-sensitive campaign such as a new product launch and special or cross promotions, sharing recipe information, party planning guides and engaging the consumer with an extended brand story.

The Bottle Works Overtime

Wine is a product that remains on display while being enjoyed. This offers continuing opportunity for branding and messaging to permeate, reinforcing consumer loyalty and generating new interest.

Wine Promotion

Full Steam can help you promote your label through advertising, sales and media kits, CD-ROM/DVD production, website creation, branding, marketing, point-of-sale collateral, and so much more.

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