Point of Sale Graphics


Apogee Awards – First Place
Communicator Awards – Silver
Hermes Awards - Platinum

Point-of-Purchase Merchandising System Image

Point-of-Purchase Merchandising System

Chiquita asked Full Steam to conceptualize and produce an in-store merchandising system for their new Fruit Bites line extension featuring the following SKUs: Grape & Apple Bites, Carrot Bites, Grape Bites and Snap Peas. The concepts were to demonstrate both Chiquita logo branding and a more generic, package art-based look-and-feel. Most importantly, these point-of-purchase materials were to define a “Healthy Snacking” point of destination in the produce section and irresistibly grab the target consumer’s attention.

Shelf space is difficult to secure, and most retailers will not display non-proprietary signage in their stores. Suppliers must develop customized arrangements with each retailer, and continually demonstrate the value of their products and merchandising components. Hardware must securely keep graphic components in place and the merchandising system must not interfere with price signage.

The chosen design incorporated some of the product’s packaging elements, but also featured enhanced colors and photo illustrations.

To allow for price stickers to be placed in the channel, to give the retailer presentation flexibility and to reduce printing costs, Monterey Bay design agency, Full Steam, devised a modular channel strip system.

Chiquita Point-of-Purchase Merchandising System - Chiquita Point-of-Purchase Merchandising System