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E-Newsletter Design

Monterey-based Big Sur Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that has been passionately dedicated to conserving natural resources in Monterey County for over 30 years.

Seeking an affordable vehicle to communicate news updates and volunteer activities to its members and constituents on a regular basis, Big Sur Land Trust enlisted Salinas-based Full Steam Marketing & Design to create and distribute an ongoing online publication. Leveraging the rich graphic elements from the successful “Stories of People and the Land” annual report and Big Sur Land Trust website, also created by Full Steam, Full Steam named the publication “News of People and the Land” and created a crisp, streamlined design and content outline that would form a consistent and easily recognizable framework for the quarterly publication.

Full Steam took the necessary steps to ensure that newsletter content and graphics would display cleanly and accurately across all browsers.

Big Sur Land Trust E-Newsletter Design - Big Sur Land Trust E-newsletter Summer 2011