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Small & Medium Business Management

Storefronts and their owners, across a wide variety of industries, are increasingly relying on software to improve operations and increase their bottom line. Core capabilities include inventory and labor management, connection to card present and EMV solutions, and the ability to keep in touch with and market to a recurring customer base.


Donor & Non-Profit Solutions

For organizations that collect and process donations, using software to keep in touch with donors and supporters is critical. The right software enables supporters to contribute online through a seamless payment integration, while back-end reporting is critical for accounting and tax purposes.


Rental & Storage Management

Businesses that are focused on renting out equipment, supplies, or space to their customers face a set of unique challenges that software integrated with payment processing can help address. Whether they are renting storage space, refrigerated trailers, hospital equipment, or even party supplies, relying on a software platform to track inventory, properly account for complex recurring fee structures, or even establishing the most efficient drop-off routes allows owners to scale their business efficiently.


Events, Ticketing & Recreation

Providing a seamless customer journey through discovery, purchase and attendance is paramount to concert venues, amusement parks, recreation facilities, and activity-based businesses, and these companies rely on tailored software solutions that are responsive to their needs.


Home & Field Services

Technology enables home and field services companies to scale rapidly and efficiently with minimal staff at the company headquarters. Using software these service companies can offer online booking, pre-payment and onsite payment options, and more efficiently dispatch and track field employees.


Residential & Vacation Property Management

The property management industry is highly fragmented and being rapidly disrupted by a few large aggregators. As smaller, regional listing sites and new entrants into the property management technology space gain traction, there is tremendous opportunity to both introduce technology to lagging adopters and take market share from large incumbents that have damaged customer relationships with hidden fees and commission-based pricing.